Kind Words

Here is some feedback, text messages, and encouraging words from clients that have worked with me.

Taylor is so talented in everything she does, and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is by far my favorite photographer to work with!
— Christina M.

Taylor is a visionary! Favorite photographer to shoot with by far.
— English B.
Thank you so much for doing those pictures for me. There was truly no better person I could think to capture my art. Your photography truly tells stories and it definitely means something. I look at your portraits and feel like I KNOW the people you’re shooting.
— Kayla Orr, Lukla Studio

Taylor is such a breath of fresh air! So creative and fun to work with. I look forward to shooting with her again!
— Arial H.
I was looking at all of your photos and just wanted to say I’m so thankful to know you! You continually inspire me - and encourage me to chase who we are, creative hunches and all!
— Lauren B.

I love looking through your pictures, you are so talented! They’re not the same ‘ol shots and positions that’s so easy to do, but you tell a story with your images. They’re full of fun and life.
— Amy Y.

Oh Taylor, she is lovely inside and out with so much talent it’s silly! I love her creative and unique vision! Such an inspiration.
— Brittani H.
Last week, Mabry and I were able to check something else off our list while we were in Charleston, SC! Our photographer, Taylor, was so sweet & easy to work with. That girl really has an eye for beauty so I’d say we were incredibly lucky to find her and have her take our engagement photos. I love how beautiful and historical Charleston is and know it would be the perfect place for her to capture this moment.
— Gabby